Sebastian Vettel and the Infiniti FX50 S

Not many people have a top-of-the-range 4x4 named after them, but this was the honour bestowed on Sebastian Vettel after winning the 2011 F1 Grand Prix last year.  The young German's name is now emblazoned on the Infiniti FX50 S Sebastian Vettel Edition.


Infiniti is a new kid on the block for most UK consumers, having traded here for just three years.  If you are contemplating buying one, you will need to be thinking in the region of £46,093 for the start of the range.  However, these 4X4s are slobberingly gorgeous to look at, with muscular and aggressive contours suggesting sporting energy as well as luxury and comfort.


The S trim is the sportier of the two designs but the GT trim is elegant and stylish.  If looks alone were the determinant of your auto loan decision, you would be swept off your feet at first sight.


Although a veritable colossus from the outside, it is rather compact internally.  If you have tall passengers, try to make sure they do not sit in the rear - the roofline tapers down at the back like a coupe's and can induce a touch of neck-ache for the lofty.

Also, do not expect a lot of luggage room - the boot volume is not the most generous for a car of this size at 410 litres, but it more than trebles with the rear seats folded.  The seven-speed gearbox will not suit all drivers, either - it does not like you deciding to shift gear before its ready, and emits ever-so-slightly annoying beeps when you try to go against its wishes.


Visually, though, it is a stunner.


Author - Louise Hutchinson

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