Speculating About Toyota Prices

The brand new 2012 Toyota Yaris Plug-in Hybrid has just been released by the company in Richmond, California.


At the same time Toyota also launched the plug-in Toyota Prius at the Frankfurt Motor Show.


The company provided technical specifications for the new Prius and also a rough indication of what its selling price would be.  "Below £31,000 in the UK" and "below 37,000 Euros in Germany" may sound like a frighteningly expensive car if one converts it to dollars: around $48,900 in the United Kingdom and less than $50,900 in Germany.  That is until you remember that in the UK (and in Europe) individuals pay much more for cars than in America.  This has something to do with high purchase taxes and a number of other reasons.


Those readers who reside in the United States may well heave a sigh of relief:  Toyota has since released the prices of the different Prius models that will be released there during the first half of next year.  The plug-in version will cost $32,760 and the Advanced Hybrid Plug-in model will retail at $40,285 - significantly less than what their UK and European counterparts will be paying.


There are, of course, no other plug-in hybrids available in the U.S. at present.  Toyota will be the first manufacturer to offer a conventional parallel hybrid car that can also be plugged in to recharge the battery pack.


In the UK the Prius has a number of competitors, including the Volvo V60 plug-in hybrid that will be in showrooms before winter.

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