Subaru Ugly Duckling Gets 4x4 of the Year Award

To some, it has about as much charm and stylishness as a house-brick on wheels, hardly a description to incite many to start looking for cheap car loans.  However, that has not stopped the 2011 Subaru Forester from picking up a prestigious accolade.

Total magazine's panel of experts have dubbed the cuboid slab "4x4 of the year," despite its slightly clunky, Elvis-past-his-prime design lines.  That is no mean feat, given that Total is one of the world's bestselling automotive publications.

According to the judges, "Forester does very good things without making a fuss of it.  The combination it offers of quality, value, practical usability and driving talent makes it very hard indeed to beat."

It is strange how a glowing re-description of something you had previously thought of as plain and dull can bring out new potentials you had never noticed.  The ugly duckling, it seems, is something of a swan after all, even if it looks a bit like the guy who pumps iron but eats too many donuts.

To be fair, this recently revamped Subaru 4x4 has been exceedingly popular amongst customers, one of the factors the judges took into account.  Despite its Dawn French proportions, it appears to have a Darcy Buckle appetite, with the 2.0 litre diesel guzzling just one gallon for every 47.9 miles.

If you are suddenly interested in placing one on your driveway or in your garage, your cash will need to cover at least £23,070.  It is worth remembering that Elvis may have piled on a few pounds, but he was still a handsome devil!

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