Sunday Parking Charges Coming Soon

With fuel and insurance getting increasingly expensive, many councils have plans to make things worse, by starting to charge drivers for parking on Sundays.


A week ago Westminster City Council voted in favour of these controversial parking charges. Oxford and Manchester also have plans to introduce the charges in the following months and the Local Government Association says other councils will soon follow suit.


A spokesperson said: "Sunday parking charges are something that's happening more and more."


Some of the most popular London destinations, including Regent Street, Oxford Street, Mayfair and Soho fall under the jurisdiction of Westminster. Over the next couple of months the council will phase in charges of between £2.20 and £4.40 for those who want to park in any one those areas between 1pm and 6pm.


The 'hours of control' have also been extended until midnight on weekdays and Saturdays.


Lee Rowley, a Westminster councillor, had the following justification to offer for the council's decision: "These new policies will mean our residents will be able to park near their homes, businesses can continue to deliver goods, and visitors can have a realistic expectation that they will be able to park when coming into the city."


Whether the new measures are just another way to fill the coffers of local councils or a legitimate attempt to protect residents parking is to a certain extent irrelevant: what counts is that already cash-strapped consumers will soon be faced with another burden to bear.


Author - Louise Hutchinson

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