Technician Sues Boss After Ferrari Accident

If you buy a Ferrari and subsequently you are involved in an accident, can you sue the company for making their cars too fast?  That seems rather unlikely.  However, when you drive the car while on an official assignment for your boss the situation could well be different.


A technician who ended up being paralysed after an accident while road-testing a Ferrari for his boss is now suing the company for compensation.


Stephen Harris was in the employment of Kent High Performance Cars at the time of the accident.  The Maidstone-based business trades as The Ferrari Centre.


Harris had to test a Ferrari 348TS at speeds of up to 128km/h (80mph) on the A274.  He lost control of the car, hit another vehicle, left the road and crashed into a tree.


He now claims that Roger Collingwood, the showroom's owner, ordered him to "open her up" - which he understood to mean he had to test the £30,000 vehicle at high speeds to make sure it ran smoothly.  Harris, in fact, says his employer told him to take the Ferrari to 100mph before the accident happened in 2008.


He was responsible for servicing and repairing vehicles and then to test-drive them before they were handed back to their owners.  He is now wheelchair-bound and needs constant care.


Harris feels that his former employer should be held accountable for what happened and plans to take the matter to court next year.

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