Thailand Floods Disrupt Honda Production

If you regularly watch television news you will no doubt be aware that Thailand recently experienced the worst floods in more than 50 years.  The flood waters even reached the capital, Bangkok, and as you read this Government departments are trying to steer the flood waters away from the city centre.


The northern part of the country has been severely affected by the flooding, which has also resulted in Honda having to stop production at the company's car production subsidiary in Thailand.


In a statement Honda says that it is not possible at present to say when they will be able to resume production.  The factory had to cease operating on the 4th October after it was no longer able to rely on vital parts being delivered on time.


The disruption subsequently spread to Honda's power products and motorcycle production subsidiary - even though these were not affected directly by the flood waters.  Motorcycle production was suspended on the 11th October and power products stopped being produced on the 6th October.


Thai Honda said it would monitor the situation on a day to day basis from the 7th November.


The suspension of activities at its Thailand factories has also forced Honda plants in other parts of Asia to adjust their production volume or even shut down completely due to disruptions in the supply of parts from Thailand.

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