The Autumn Budget and the UK Motorist

Apart from the odd cheap car, the average UK motorist does not have much to be happy about.  Lately insurance costs have increased beyond all expectations; the cost of fuel is a heavy burden on already cash-strapped car owners, especially those in the countryside where there are no reliable public transport options and cars are not really becoming cheaper - unless you are prepared to downgrade to a smaller vehicle.


George Osborne recently made his annual Autumn Statement on the country's budget.  Among talks of the UK being sucked into the Eurozone crisis, the possibility of another recession and credit incentives for small companies, the Chancellor made the following announcements that will directly affect UK motorists:


In terms of the National Infrastructure Plan a total of 500 projects will be undertaken to upgrade the country's infrastructure, including rail and road communications.


The following road projects will be undertaken: the M4 into Wales will be upgraded; the A14 in East Anglia will be upgraded; the A380 bypass will be completed; Bristol's link to the M4 will be improved, as well as the M6, the M1, A54, A43 and A45; tolls on the Humber bridge will be halved and a new link road between Crewe and Manchester will be constructed.


The UK vehicle manufacturing industry will also be boosted through research and development tax credits.


The Chancellor also announced the scrapping of the 3ppl fuel duty that was planned for January and the 5ppl increased scheduled for August was reduced to 3ppl.

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