The Delivery van That Will Follow you Home

Technology is changing so fast nowadays that the average car buyer who only wants reliable transport may find it hard to keep up with all the latest developments.


The latest news comes from Volkswagen's design centre in Potsdam - where the company has just revealed its eT! electric delivery vehicle.  One of the most innovative features of this vehicle is that it can follow the delivery guy from house to house - and will even return to him on demand.


The driver will be able to give the van certain commands, such as "come to me" and "follow me."  Alternatively the car's movement can also be controlled from the passenger's side by using a driving stick.


The side of the vehicle has a sliding door that faces the pavement and is operated electronically.  This allows for quick access to the vehicle as well as to onboard parcels.  The aim with this feature is to make life easier for courier drivers and mail delivery personnel.


The concept vehicle has been in the pipeline for quite a while already - ever since Volkswagen Group Research entered into an agreement with the University of Art at Braunschweig and the German Post Office.


Researchers concentrated on developing a vehicle that offers maximum support to the driver and simplifies the work process.  They also aimed to maximise interior space and to design a vehicle with zero emission levels.


Dr Wolfgang Schreiber, a spokesman for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, said that the new vehicle incorporated a number of innovative technical features that would benefit logistics businesses.


Author - Louise Hutchinson

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