Driving Test Theory to Become More Difficult

Do you still remember those heady days before you signed up for your first car, when you had to study for the driving theory tests?  Count yourself lucky: these tests are about to become significantly more difficult.


The days of simply memorising a lot of information for the theoretical exams might be over for ever after it was announced that revision books in future will no longer contain lists of questions and answers.


This comes after the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) warned that drivers might be ¬learning by rote.®  Up to now many of the answers in the revision material were often reproduced virtually word-for-word by would-be drivers ± possibly without understanding much of what they were quoting.


A DSA spokesperson said ¬It is about getting people to actually understand the knowledge behind the driving theory, as opposed to just learning an answer and regurgitating it when the candidate recognises the corresponding question.®


She went on to say that they wanted to avoid the scenario where candidates were simply able to sit down and write down answers that they had memorised earlier.


According to the same spokesperson the changes will become operational on the 23rd January next year.


The new system was developed after consulting driving instructors ± who confirmed that many candidates simply memorised answers without actually understanding the reasons behind these answers.


These consultations were actually carried out in 2008, but will only be acted upon next year after careful deliberation by the authorities.

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