Toyota Announces new Lexus LF-LC

If you are going to buy a Lexus, you should perhaps postpone your purchase just a little bit: there's a stunning new Lexus LF-LC sports model on the way.‚  It will be unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show next month.


The amazingly beautiful car is described as "a design exercise to explore the future of Lexus design," but it could be the forerunner to a large coupe that will take on the BMW6 Series and the Mercedes SL.


The concept model was produced by Calty, the Lexus design studio, with its base in Newport Beach, California.


The most prominent feature of the 2+2-seater LF-LC is its long bonnet that reminds one of the LF-A super-car.‚  The aggressive front end is reminiscent of the LF-Gh concept car, which was released before the current GS model saw the light.


There is certainly a gap in Lexus's line-up for a sports model.‚  The last time the luxury manufacturer had an upmarket coupe to compete with the BMW 6-series was the Lexus SC430, which was withdrawn in 2008.‚  This model had a folding metal roof and it was also designed in California.


At the moment details are sketchy, although some spy shots have been leaked to the motoring press.‚  The car will, in all likelihood, be powered by a hybrid engine.‚  Apparently chances are good for it to go into full production, but exactly when is not sure at this stage, since Lexus has a few other models it wants to turn into production cars before the LF-LC.

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