Toyota Committed to More Than Just Green Cars

In a world where we are rapidly busy depleting our natural resources, a carmaker that puts its money where its mouth is when it comes to conservation has to be welcomed.

Toyota seems to be just such a car manufacturer.  In an effort to prove that its commitment to conservation stretches far beyond lower emissions, the company has signed a new agreement with a major Chinese forestation project.


Toyota Motor China Investment Company signed a three-year contract with the Hebei Province Forestry Bureau and the Fengning Manchu Autonomous County Forestry Bureau to carry out the Toyota Green Greater Beijing Economic Zone Fengning Forestation Project.  


As part of the project the participants to the agreement will plant thousands of trees covering an area of 150 hectares in the Nanshakouzi region of the northern Hebei Province.  The aim is to reduce the extent of desertification in this area to the same as the Xiaobazi Township.


The area serves as an important water source for Tianjin and Beijing, but in recent years severe desertification has occurred, resulting in sandstorms in both cities.  A further aim of the project is to make the residents of the area economically more independent.


Toyota is, of course, not new to forestation projects: it was a senior partner in the 21st Century Great Beijing Sino-Japanese Reforestation Model project in Xiaobazi, which started in 2001 and lasted ten years.  During the project a total of 3.9 million trees were planted, covering an area of 3,000 hectares.


Author- Louise Hutchinson

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