Toyota Creates Energy Saving Centre

Toyota is not one of the top car producing companies in the world without reason.  The reliability of these cars has become nearly legendary among car buyers. The company has also often been at the forefront of technological development - something that is especially appreciated by younger buyers.


In its efforts to gain an even bigger market share in the world's biggest car market, China, Toyota has decided to set up what they call "Energy Saving and New Energy Vehicle Development" facilities in Changshu.


The company wants to strengthen its research and development infrastructure in this part of the world.  To achieve this it has decided to partner with two Chinese companies in this regard: Guangzhou Automobile Group and China FAW Group Corporation.  In terms of the joint venture agreement, Toyota will undertake the testing and evaluation of motor cars produced by these two companies.


Toyota's research and development section at the plant will concentrate on the development of new motor car bodies and advanced component technologies.  The company also hopes to help the Chinese with the development of environmentally friendly vehicles.


The new technical centre in Changshu will also work with a number of outside parties to carry out field operational tests on new technologies.  In future we could well expect the centre to launch new "green" vehicles, including hybrid cars as well as electric vehicles.


At the same time Toyota also announced plans to set up a development group to aid the Chinese in producing their own hybrid vehicles.



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