Toyota Landcruiser has Best Resale Value After Three Years

At the top of Glass's latest list of cars with the best residual value after the first three years is the Toyota Landcruiser with an impressive average of 72.2%.


Not far behind, in second place Glass lists the Ford Kuga 2-litre TDCi 2WD Titanium.  On average these cars retained 71.6% of their value after three years.  The Audi Q5 is in the number three spot on the list with a 71.2% residual value after three years.


Interestingly enough, seven of the first ten vehicles are powered by a diesel engine.  Even more interesting is the fact that six out of the top seven places belong to lifestyle 4x4s and off-road 4x4s.


The only two mass market cars on the list are the Volkswagen Golf and Fiat 500, both boasting excellent fuel economy and a dynamic image.  There are more than 7,700 models and derivatives on the complete list.


On average these cars had 37,000 miles on the clock.


The Managing Editor of Glass, Adrian Rushmore, said "Our 2011 residual value winners list depicts a diverse and ever-changing used car market, with purchases prompted by both practical concerns such as fuel economy, severe weather conditions and emotionally-led lifestyle aspirations."


He added that although there was a move to more affordable cars, the move has not caused demand to outstrip supply in this market segment.

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