Toyota Reveals Production Version of GT86

Toyota has revealed the production version of its brand new FT-86.  The impressive new coupe will make its debut at this week's Tokyo Motor Show.


Two years ago the motoring public got the first glimpses of the Toyota FT-86 concept car.  That was in 2009 in Tokyo.  Many spy shots and two concept cars later and the production car will at last make its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show - complete with a name change a couple of minor visual tweaks.


The GT-86 has been a joint effort by Toyota and Subaru, which will release a production version of the same vehicle called the BRZ.  The two-litre flat four engine will, in fact, be manufactured by Subaru, while Toyota will supply the direct injection system.


The cars will not look identical - Toyota's design will be closer to the original concept car.  The curvy bonnet and the headlights were carried over virtually unchanged, but the concept car's slim-line rear lights had to make way for a more conventional setup.


The car features rear wheel drive and a 197bhp engine delivering 205Nm of torque.  No performance figures have been released by Toyota yet, but the low kerb weight of 1,180kg should mean an acceleration time of about 6.5 seconds for the 0.62mph sprint for the manual model.  A six-speed automatic will also be available.


We initially thought the car would cost in the region of £25,000, but Toyota has now announced it is going to be closer to £30,000.

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