Truly British Electric Car on the Way

Some of us have postponed our next car purchase because we are waiting for an electric car that will meet our needs without costing an arm and a leg.  Perhaps that day has just come a little bit closer with the announcement by Morgan Motor Company that it is about to produce two truly British electric vehicles in partnership with a consortium of UK companies.


The Morgan E+ programme will combine the company's proven aluminium chassis with a high power electric engine developed by Zytek.  The car will be fitted with a manual gearbox rather than the automatic boxes we have become used to in electric vehicles.


The Niche Vehicle Network CR&D Programme is partly funding the project with a grant of £100,000.  This aim of the fund is to stimulate research and development in the low carbon niche vehicle sector.


Zytek is not new to the world of electric cars.  Its experience in the field dates back to 1997 when it started its first high-performance EV project: converting a Lotus Elise to run on batteries.  This led to joint ventures with General Motors and Chrysler and later with Daimler, where they developed the electric powertrain for its Smart Fortwo model.


The prototype will be powered by a modified version of Zytek's electric engine delivering 70kW and 300Nm.  The Li-ion battery pack will be integrated with the car's aluminium body structure to keep the weight to a minimum.


Steve Tremble, Zytek's Marketing and Sales Director, said: "With maximum torque from zero rpm, electric power can deliver an immediate, thrilling driving experience."

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