Two Councils to take part in Hydrogen Car Project

Two English counties have been chosen to join in a ground breaking trial project involving hydrogen fuel cell cars.


The councils are from Herefordshire and Shropshire. They have signed a revolutionary deal with UK manufacturer Riversimple to test 30 fuel cell cars provided by the company.


Both businesses and private citizens will get an opportunity to take the cars for test drives. Riversimple says it already has plans in place for a test run of 30 similar cars in Leicester. This project will kick off in 2012. If the trials prove to be a success, the company hopes to manufacture hydrogen cars in the area.


It has been two years since Riversimple first revealed its city car prototype. The 2-seater has a top speed of 50 miles per hour and weighs only 350kg. What is really impressive though, is its range of 300 miles.


It is manufactured completely from carbon fibre. A hydrogen fuel cell generates electricity that powers the electric motors. According to the company, the car­s emission levels will be only 31g/km. In fact, vapour is all you will see coming out of its tailpipe.


Customers participating in the trial will receive a fixed monthly bill that is expected to be in the region of £250 ± plus a small mileage fee.


The founder of Riversimple, Hugo Spowers, said "Like it or not, the age of the fossil fuelled car is nearing its end and for places like Herefordshire and Shropshire to be pioneers as we look to the future is gratifying".

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