UK Consumers Confused About Electric Vehicles

A new study by Gfk Automotive found that electric cars have failed to capture the British market because there is widespread confusion among consumers about the performance and cost of these cars.


It seems that the average UK motorist simply does not understand the realties of owning an electric vehicle.  Those most eager to buy one are, in fact, the least knowledgeable, the study concludes.


More than 3,000 British motorists were interviewed during the study.  The results show that only 8% of those surveyed have any plans to buy an electric car.  The vast majority of these people overestimate the range of electric vehicles and underestimate the charging time.


The research firm concludes that this huge gap between reality and perception partly explains why sales of electric cars have fallen flat in the UK.  According to the latest SMMT data, only 1,021 of these vehicles have been sold in the UK so far this year.


Gfk comes to the disturbing conclusion that only 1% of UK drivers have both a realistic perception of the cost and performance of EVs, and are willing to buy one.


Most respondents totally underestimated the purchasing cost of electric cars.  A whopping 44%, in fact, thought they either cost the same or less than conventional cars.  Only 41% of those who took part in the survey were aware that the average EV cost £10,000 more than its internal combustion equivalent.  

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