UK Fuel Not Most Expensive After All

It seems that we in the UK have more than just cheap cars to be thankful after all: our petrol is far from the most expensive in the Euro zone.


According to the latest figures published by the RAC Foundation, the UK is in fact ninth on the list when it comes to fuel prices.


If you plan a holiday in Europe during the summer months, you may therefore still be better off filling up your car at home before you leave for the continent. This is particularly true if you plan to go to Greece: at 155 pence per litre their fuel prices are a full 14% higher than what we pay in the UK.


The RAC Foundation­s research also shows that out of the 17 Euro zone countries, eight charge more for fuel than the UK and eight charge less. Professor Stephen Glaister, director of the RAC Foundation, says: ¬Contrary to the myth, the price of unleaded is even more exorbitant on the Continent than here in the UK. Drivers who have petrol-powered cars will need deep pockets when they get off the ferry or out of the Channel Tunnel.®


When it comes to diesel-powered cars, the story is totally different though: At 141 pence per litre, car drivers in the UK pay more for diesel than in any other country in the EU. Sweden comes closest with 137 pence per litre.


The reason for the UK­s expensive diesel is no secret ± it­s the only country where the government charges the same level of duty on petrol and diesel.

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