UK Gov Blasted for Support of Canadian Tar Sands Oil

One can probably safely say that most car finance users are responsible citizens who do their bit to keep our environment safe.  It is, therefore, worrying that the UK government has come under renewed criticism over claims that it supports the production of Canadian tar sands oil by allowing this oil to enter British fuel supplies.

On the morning of the 28th November the Department for Transport offices in London were blockaded by environmental campaigners after newspaper reports that officials from the department have cooperated to undermine European proposals to ban the import of so-called “oil sands” – reportedly the dirtiest transport oil on earth.

The press apparently got hold of key documents that suggest that UK officials are lobbying on behalf of international oil companies in order to allow this “dirty oil” to reach European fuel pumps.

Activists from Greenpeace are protesting outside the Department’s offices carrying huge banners painted with a “lobbying handshake” marked with the brands of oil companies such as Shell, BP and Exxon.

In less than a week government delegates from all over Europe will gather in Brussels to discuss a European plan called the “Fuel Quality Directive.”  If approved tar sands oil will be prohibited from reaching European forecourts.

Paul Morozzo, a Greenpeace energy campaigner, said “It’s deeply hypocritical that whilst our Ministers will jet off this week to the international climate talks in South Africa to talk about the need to cut carbon emissions, away from the cameras here at home they’re doing everything they can to scupper a key European plan that would do just that.”


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