UK to get new Tyre Labelling System

When you sign up for auto finance on your dream wheels, it is easy to forget how important tyres really are when it comes to the handling characteristics of the vehicle you buy.

From July next year all tyres manufactured in the UK will have to feature an explanatory label providing information about the tyre’s noise levels, fuel efficiency and wet grip.

The rolling resistance and wet grip ratings will be indicated using a series of coloured bands ranging from A to G, with G being the lowest rating and A being the highest.

The noise level produced by a tyre, in decibels, will be placed into three categories and indicated by black sound wave signs.  Three sound waves will represent the highest noise levels – with one sound wave indicating the quietest tyres available.

The new tyre labels will be mandatory for ordinary tyres, van tyres, SUV tyres and truck tyres, but not for off-road tyres, re-treaded tyres, vintage car tyres or spare tyres.

When it comes to fuel efficiency, the different grades will represent an increase or reduction of about 2.5% to 4.5% in fuel consumption.

Wet grip ratings will be determined by the stopping distance when travelling at 50 miles per hour.  An increase/decrease of between three and six metres will place a tyre in a different category.

Noise levels are measured in decibels.  A tyre with an extra sound wave sign will be about three decibels more noisy than one with a lower rating.  A tyre with three sound waves will only comply with local limits, but will fail the European test.

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