UK Traffic Problems to Become Much Worse

New research predicts that 20 years from now there will be four million additional cars on UK roads and traffic delays will increase by more than 54%.


The RAC Foundation calculates that the country's population will grow by more than ten million between now and 2035.  At current rates of motor vehicle ownership that means another four million cars crowding our already overloaded road network.


Roads in the United Kingdom are already busier than anywhere else in Europe and the Department for Transport says that the increase in the number of vehicles between now and 2035 will cause traffic volumes to rise by 43% in 25 years' time.  This will result in a corresponding increase in traffic delays.


This rather gloomy view of the future is contained in the RAC Foundation report entitled "Keeping the Nation Moving."


The Director of the Foundation, Professor Stephen Glaister, said "Forget about Plan B, ministers do not even have a Plan A for dealing with the awful conditions forecast for the roads in the years ahead.  It is a case of jams today, and even more jams tomorrow."


He added that these figures were averages.  In some areas, such as big cites, the situation is going to be much worse.  He predicts an immense impact on both drivers and companies trying to transport products.


The study does not even take into account the increased emissions from all these additional vehicles that will be clogging our roads.

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