UK Trials Expel the Myth of Electric Car Range

An astounding 95% of those who participated in recent electric car trial runs organised by the Technology Strategy Board reported that they did not have any difficulty with using an electric car.


Another interesting finding is that initially all participants suffered from "range anxiety" - the fear that the car will run out of power leaving them stranded by the side of the road.  After three months of testing, this figure dropped by 35%.


The board released its findings this week after collecting data from eight programmes involving more than 340 low-carbon vehicles.  The final document was released at the opening day of the LCV 2011 low-carbon motoring event held at Rockingham Speedway.


For those of us who were too scared to sign up for an electric car up to now, the findings will indeed bring some comfort.


The trials involved a wide range of electric cars, from small urban models to performance vehicles.  Before the start of the programme, only 14% of fleet drivers and 16% of ordinary motorists expected an electric car to outperform their normal motor car.  After the tests were completed, these percentages increased to 24% and 26% respectively.


Charging data reveals that, over the course of the three month test period, drivers steadily gained confidence and drove longer distances before recharging their car batteries.


The tests also revealed that drivers on average want their EV to have a range of between 92 and 120 miles.

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