Vauxhall Ampera Scores Top Marks in Crash Tests

If you are a safety-conscious driver and it is nearly time for your next car purchase, you might be interested in the following news.  The Vauxhall Ampera has achieved the highest possible score of five stars in the Euro NCAP crash tests conducted recently.


The tests revealed that as far as adult occupants were concerned, the Ampera's passenger shell retained its stability during a frontal impact.  The car is fitted with airbags for both the driver and the passengers as standard equipment.  Dummy tests showed it provided good protection for femurs and knees of both front seat occupants.


When it comes to the dashboard, the Ampera did less well: the tests showed that some components of the dashboard could form a safety hazard to occupants during a collision.


The Ampera was the first car tested by Euro NCAP to score maximum points in the side barrier test as well as the side pole impact test, with excellent protection for all parts of the body.


In the rear-end collision tests the results were less promising: it was found that the seats and head restraints provided only minimal protection against whiplash injuries normally sustained during such accidents.


After the impact tests, the car's electrical safety was tested and in this case no problems became apparent.


Tests were also conducted on the impact of collisions on child occupants.  It was found that for three-year-old children there would not be excessive forward movement of the head during a frontal impact.  The car also provided adequate protection during side impacts.

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