Volkswagen Promises a Whole Range of new Models

In a era not so long ago, driving a Volkswagen meant driving one of the reliable little bug-mobiles called the Beetle.  It made more noise than a freight train, it was not particularly light on fuel and it was not the world's best handling car either.

Volkswagen has come a long way since then.  Nowadays the company is at the forefront of technological development.  It regularly launches new models that give its competitors sleepless nights, because they know how hard it would be to develop something better.


This situation is not about to end soon it seems.  Volkswagen has plans to launch a whole range of new cars in the city car, lower medium and upper medium market segments during the course of the next couple of years.


According to Giovanni Perosino, the Head of Marketing Communications at Volkswagen, the company does, however, not plan to produce another convertible coupe such as the Eos once that car reaches the end of its production cycle.  The Golf Cabriolet, he says, should adequately cater for those customers.


In the very competitive city car market, it has been reported Volkswagen plans to release a five-door version of the new Volkswagen Up at the next Geneva Motor Show.  A sportier GT model will follow soon after and for 2013 the company plans an electric version.


Next year we will also see the global release of the seventh generation Volkswagen Golf, a car that Perosino promises will impress both friend and foe.


Author - Louise Hutchinson

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