Volkswagen Reveals Hybrid Concept Car

Volkswagen has launched a brand new hybrid concept car that could well become the company’s answer to the Range Rover Evoque.

The design of the new Cross Coupe gives us a glimpse into the future of SUV models at Volkswagen.  It is also believed that the car will eventually replace the Tiguan.

The Cross Coupe was revealed on the first day of the Tokyo Motor Show.  With a length of 4.345m the car is somewhat bigger than the Golf, yet smaller than the Tiguan.  Its height of 1.523m and width of 1.868m places it firmly between these two top sellers and very much in the popular small car market.

The Cross Coupe is a four-seater that is powered by two electric motors, one at the back and one in front, combined with a TSI direct injection turbo petrol engine.  The electric motors generate 85kW/270Nm and 40kw/180Nm respectively.

This gives the car a top speed of 125 miles per hour and a 0-62mph acceleration figure of only seven seconds.  It can travel up to 40km (24 miles) on purely electric power.  Fuel economy and emission figures have not been published at this stage.

The much anticipated four-wheel drive Volkswagen Passat Estate, the Alltrack, was also released at the Tokyo Motor Show.  Car dealers in the UK will begin taking orders for the Alltrack in April next year and by July interested car buyers should be able to sign up for the first auto loan deals on these cars.

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