British VW customers face shortages

Higher-than-expected demand for Volkswagen cars has led to "serious shortages" of some models in Britain, it has emerged.

Motorists wishing to buy a VW Up are currently faced with a delivery time of up to two months unless their VW dealer happens to have one in stock.

Most versions of the VW Golf also have a two-month delivery time at the moment, and customers have to wait even longer for the Golf GT. VW dealers also said that only very few Passats are available right now but new supply is in production.

VW said it is difficult to quickly increase the production of right-hand drive (RHD) vehicles as many components are not widely available.

However, the German car maker added that it would produce more RHD models from September to match interest in Britain.

While VW experiences strong demand from the UK, its sales in Spain and Italy have been affected by the eurozone crisis.

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