Call to scrap scheme

Members of the Scottish Parliament have called for a car scheme benefiting fire bosses in the country to be scrapped.

Commanders of Scotland's cash-strapped fire services currently drive around in a fleet of luxury cars including Audis, Lexus, Mercedes and BMWs, costing taxpayers almost £1 million a year.

MSPs would instead like to see the money ploughed into frontline services.

One firefighter commented: "It's a disgrace that these fatcats are driving around in their top-of-the-range motors when the service is being cut to the bone and our pensions are being slashed.

"I don't see why they can't just use pool cars to go out on jobs - I mean, how many real emergencies have there been in Strathclyde in the past 10 years?"

Firefighters in Scotland are facing multi-million-pound cuts when eight brigades across the country merge next year.

The aim is to cut £293 million over 15 years and Government sources claim the massive car leasing costs will be top of the agenda

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