Company car policy odds-on to save cash

Bookmaker William Hill is betting on its new end-of-contract damage recharge policy to encourage its workers to look after their company cars better.

The scheme has already seen the company's charges for damage fall by 38% as under the policy drivers are charged £100 for logging a claim when incidents are their fault, or the cost of the repair if it is less.

And £200 is the fee to be paid by the driver if any damage is not reported but found at the end of the business contract.

William Hill has also arranged for British Car Auctions inspectors to look at a random sample of its company cars each month, with penalties to pay for any damage being discovered.

The intention is that the charges reduce incidences of damage and encourage employees to report damage before contracts expire, as well as making them think about how they drive to prevent accidents.

William Hill fleet manager Andy Potter confirmed that the firm's company car drivers are already looking after their vehicles better.

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