Engineers key to future of UK auto

An impending shortage of skilled workers must be urgently addressed if the UK wants to continue to be one of Europe's best places to manufacture cars, a new study warns.

While the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) study discovered that UK companies have earned solid reputations for engineering and quality excellence, it did underline the risk posed by a skills shortage.

The report, drawn up by KPMG, said the technological advances in the auto industry and the push for low-carbon output have led to greater demand for highly-skilled engineers.

The SMMT study also recommended that suppliers to the UK auto-industry be "reinvigorated".

The chief executive of the SMMT, Paul Everitt, said the record levels of investment in the UK automotive sector would result in a bright future for the industry. The fact that UK-based car manufacturers export to more than 150 countries underscores that sentiment.

Everitt expanded on his vision of the industry's future: "It is clear that domestic suppliers have the potential to benefit significantly from increasing output volumes, but they need the right mix of Government support and private investment.

"With robust global markets and a diverse mix of models produced here, we are more resilient than other countries to eurozone weakness, a key factor in encouraging businesses to invest in the UK."

Caption: The UK will have to address an imminent shortage of skilled workers if it wants to continue to be one of Europe's most attractive places to build cars, a SMMT study warns.

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