Europeans committed to car ownership

A new survey has revealed that drivers across Europe are committed to car ownership but are worried about traffic congestion, the cost of driving and the environment.

The research, which was commissioned by Ford and carried out by a leading consultancy called The Futures Company, found that most Europeans say it would be "impossible" to live without a car.

Meanwhile, 76% say stress caused by traffic congestion and fuel prices affects them, 74% use public transport and 37% of people share a car when making the same journey as someone else.

Just 3% use formal car sharing schemes though and vice president of product development at Ford Europe, Barb Samardzich, thinks people are reluctant to "lose the freedom of mobility" in the modern world.

He is taking part in the Future of Transport debate in London, which is being hosted by the Guardian newspaper, and has called for a "collaborative and integrated approach" to be adopted going forwards.

Fabio Orecchini, a professor of energy systems at the University of Rome and editor of La Repubblica newspaper, is also involved in the debate and he believes that "sustainable mobility based on renewable resources" and "a clear vision" are needed.

Both participants agree that everyone needs to come together to discuss the issue of mobility and environmental responsibility in order to find the best solution and they will be joined in the debate by secretary general of Polis Network, Sylvian Haon, and associate editor of Arup, Susan Claris.

The poll looking into the opinions and attitudes of Europeans on mobility also discovered that just 8% have owned or driven a hybrid electric vehicle and only 6% have owned or driven a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle or pure battery electric vehicle.

In contrast, 66% of respondents have owned a petrol vehicle and 38% have owned a diesel vehicle. And, showing that the electric car industry has still got a long way to go to convince motorists of the everyday practicality of electric vehicles, only 28% said they would consider purchasing a car with an electrified powertrain at the moment.

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