Iconic Coca Cola Truck Touring the UK This Christmas

Forget the latest supercars and cars of the celebrities, the vehicles getting most attention on the UK's roads this winter will be two giant articulated lorries.

The pair of red Coca-Cola trucks will be touring Britain as part of a massive Christmas promotion by the multinational drinks company.

It will be hard to miss them: the giant eight-wheel American-style lorries will be painted bright red and illuminated with strings of lights.

They will be stopping at towns and cities all over the country for special free Christmas events. You can download the full timetable in full below.

The lorry tour is set to coincide with the Coca-Cola 'Holidays are Coming' Christmas TV advert and an extensive campaign on Facebook and Twitter. The drinks will be branded with the original Santa artwork that Coca-Cola originally commissioned in the 1930s and London's Piccadilly will be dominated by a big illuminated Coca-Cola advert.


Families are being invited to visit the truck and have your photo taken alongside. There will be free drinks, fake snow, Christmas trees, seasonal costumes and, at many of the stops, a Christmas choir.

British car enthusiasts may be unaware that the Coca-Cola truck has a cult following across the globe with numerous Facebook fan pages and online groups. The UK tour began on November 11 and lasts until December 23. It is estimated more than 3.6 million people will see the trucks.

Over five weeks they will travel over 3,000 miles, making over 30 stops across cities, including Edinburgh, Liverpool, Bristol and London. 

Zoe Howorth, Coca-Cola Great Britain spokesperson told Creditplus: "For millions of people across the world, the iconic 'Holidays are Coming' advertising campaign, is widely recognised for its famous jingle and starts the unofficial countdown to Christmas. This year, we're really excited to build festive anticipation with the arrival of the iconic Coca-Cola truck to cities across the UK, propelling the nation into celebratory action and spreading some fun along the way.

Have YOUR say: Is this a lovely way of spreading Christmas cheer on our roads? Or a cynical marketing gimmick to promote sugary drinks to British children?

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