Missing checks costs thousands

Missing out on condition checks could be costing car dealers thousands of pounds a year, a new study says.

An average of £330,000 is being lost - or £1.5 billion in total servicing and parts sales - by missing out on these basic checks, according to Coachworks Consulting. As much as 15% of stock is not condition-checked when it rolls in, according to Karl Davis, Coachworks' managing director.

He said that every dealer should be looking to fulfil its "duty of care obligations" by 100%, as well as boosting the chance of selling a vehicle on afterwards. He added that anything less than a 95% check on a vehicle's health could put retailers in potential legal trouble "in today's litigious society", as well as compromising the business in competitive terms.

Mr Davis also said that electronic vehicle health checks (eVHCs) and other technological innovations are only worthwhile when they are embraced at every level of the company. He said that too many dealers make an investment in such hi-tech assets only to fail to capitalise on them. He added that dealers should always be responsible, especially if they are completing purchase order paperwork, with a close eye on how robust data on input and output is. Dealers must "be able to see the story behind the front page headlines" and bring in proper controls and processes that can boost earning opportunities.

He said that when one of eVHC's biggest software providers "finds that only a third of red or amber work is actually sold", the industry must take proper steps to remedy it.

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