Monkey business aiding electric vehicle switch

Greener transport fleets using electric vehicles are taking to UK roads thanks to a Gateshead firm's software.

The Energy Saving Trust is working in partnership with Route Monkey and EDF Energy to deliver its Plugged-In Fleets Initiative by working with 20 organisations to reduce their transport emissions by integrating electric vehicles (EVs) into their fleets.

Route Monkey's electric vehicle optimisation software will tell organisations which routes are suitable for EVs before they commit to purchasing them and then ensure fleet operators use them in the most efficient way to maximise reductions in emissions and fuel bills.

The organisations taking part in the initiative include Boots, Wm Morrisons, York City Council, London Fire Brigade, Network Rail, Surrey County Council, Southwark Council, Tristar and the University of Cumbria.

Route Monkey's CEO Colin Ferguson said the software could help make the integration of EVs "painless, efficient and cost-effective" and speed up their adoption "with all the environmental and cost benefits they bring".

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