Motorists 'not keen' on greener cars

A survey from IAM (the Institute of Advanced Motorists) has said that almost one in two motorists (48%) would not take advantage of higher Vehicle Excise Duty tax breaks to purchase a more environmentally friendly car.

Half of those polled thought that it was fair that VED is calculated by how much CO2 is produced by a vehicle.

On the subject of parking permit prices, 32% were in favour of prices reflecting the size or length of a vehicle, with larger ones costing more money.

Low Emission Zones were introduced in London in 2008 to stop heavy diesel vehicles polluting the air, and 46% think this scheme should be extended to include private vehicles, although 41% do not agree.

The survey also found that 22% of motorists are of the opinion that global warming is not influenced by driving.

Simon Best, IAM chief executive, said: "Eco-friendly vehicles haven't got the appeal so much so motorists are willing to pay higher costs in VED to compromise. Motorists aren't fully convinced of how low CO2 emissions are beneficial to them, or society."

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