New engine map boosts VW Golfs

The performance of a diesel Volkswagen engine has been transformed by a new engine map that has boosted the output by 40bhp and 51lb.ft.

Superchips, based in Buckingham, has introduced the remap that can take an engine in a standard diesel 1.6-litre TDI Golf and improve its capability to 148bhp and 226lb.ft from 108bhp and 175lb.ft.

The advantages are seen mostly between 2,000rpm and 4,500rpm with maximum power arriving when the gauge edges over 4,000rpm. At 2,350rpm maximum torque is reached.

Superchips said that: "In-gear acceleration is more 'GTi' than 'TDi' thanks to the mountainous torque available. The engine is much keener to pull from all speeds, with the improved flexibility resulting in fewer gear-changes to maintain progress.

"Meanwhile the Golf's fast cruising, towing and load carrying capabilities are noticeably enhanced."

According to the company, no performance stats are available from on road situations.

The gains due to additional torque could be as much as 7% because of the reduced amount of fuel needed for the same performance. The map is available on all the '105PS' models on the Mk 6 Golf.

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