New Toyota Prius wins green award

The new Toyota Prius Plug-in has won the large family category of a green award for innovative low emission cars. The newest Prius model, which is available to buy in the UK from July 9, took the prize in the Next Green Car Awards 2012 after it emerged as the greenest new car hitting the market in the category using the Green Car Rating (GCR) system. Cars are judged on their value for money, drive experience and design as well as environmental GCR levels of innovation, and Dr Ben Lane, managing editor of Next Green Car, said the new Prius represents a major step forward. "The 2012 winners reflect two key elements underlying current green car development: downsizing and electrification. Over half of the winners also incorporate electric drive-trains, either as pure electric cars, plug-in hybrids or with start-stop," he said. "Well worth the wait, the Prius Plug-in adds over 15 miles of zero-emission capability to the well proven standard Prius. A car which offers the benefits of an electric vehicle, but without the limitations of battery range." There was initially a shortlist of 26 of the greenest cars being released in the UK in 2012/13, from which the Prius Plug-in was named the large family category winner.

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