Popular 4x4 gets some minor adjustments

Suzuki has jazzed up its compact Jimny 4x4 model for 2013 to give it a more modern look.

For its exterior, the front bumper, grille and bonnet have been redesigned, with the fog lights shunted along a bit, resulting in a slightly longer vehicle (an additional 3cm). The new bonnet shape now incorporates a central air intake.

Inside, the front and back headrests have been revamped and mountings for child seats have been fitted to the rear seats as standard, with the SZ3 model also getting a new trim on the interior fabric.

The higher-spec SZ4 can now be painted in four metallic colours, with Breeze Blue being added to the Suzuki palette. Owners of the SZ3 can choose from one solid colour and three metallic. Choosing metallic paint will cost an extra £399.

The Jimny retains its practical and tidy appearance and has garnered quite a fan base. It is easily still the most compact SUV available in the UK and maintains its long-established reputation for being a hardy and capable machine.

It has found 20,000 loyal owners in the UK since sales began in 1998, many of whom are repeat buyers lured by its quirkiness and because it is seen as a quality alternative to the supermini or crossover SUV.

The Jimny is said to be perfect for those who want the best of both worlds: a decent off-roader which is also more than capable of scooting around in a big city.

Its lively performance is down to the variable valve timing on the alloy 16-valve, 1.3-litre engine which also gives welcome fuel economy.

The vehicle has a flexible driving character thanks to its 85PS output and 81lbft of torque coming out at 4,100rpm. The Jimny's flat torque curve gives a maximum delivery from 2,500rpm. So it has pulling power to match the best of the SUVs.

It can also lay claim to being quite the green machine, with high fuel efficiency and low emission of pollutants from the exhaust. The manual transmission Jimny officially offers 39.8mpg when driving is combined cycle, while the automatic transmission model returns 38.7mpg. CO2 output is 162g/km for manual and 167g/km for automatic.

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