Scotland may lower drink-drive limit

The Scottish Government will put proposals to change the drink-drive limit up for consultation in the coming weeks.

A number of powers are transferred from Westminster to Holyrood on Tuesday as part of the recently passed Scotland Act on changes to devolution, including the drink-drive limit, limited power over airguns and the national speed limit

The Scottish Executive is also formally renamed as the Scottish Government today although the term has been widely used since the Scottish National Party came to power five years ago.

Proposals to lower the drink-drive limit from 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood to 50mg will be brought forward "with a view to the change taking effect as soon as possible" according to Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill last month.

"We welcome additional responsibilities for the Scottish Parliament and are moving quickly to make use of the new powers we will gain next week to benefit the people of Scotland," said Bruce Crawford, the cabinet secretary for government strategy, recently.

He maintained that road safety is the Scottish Government's "first priority" and that it has "no current plans to increase speed limits", adding: "On speed limits, these powers will enable the Scottish Government to make the right decisions for Scottish roads rather than have any changes imposed by Westminster".

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