Smaller wheel option for Citroen's DS5

Citroen's DS5 models are now available with smaller wheels at no extra cost and in a choice of two styling options. Car buyers and especially those looking to buy multiple cars were keen that the DS5 became available in reduced wheel sizes so as to gain advantages from the 2% reduction on the the Benefit in Kind tax rate. The wheel reduction will also offer free road tax on the Hybrid4 diesel-electric hybrid models by dropping below the 100g/km carbon limit. In the past only the entry-level Hybrid4 model could take advantage of the free road tax and an exemption from the congestion charge. The new wheel options now allow Vehicle Excise Duty to be avoided on DStyle and DSport models, having previously only been available on the entry-level Hybrid4. The two new styling pack options are the Sport Signature and Dark Sport Signature, at £650 each, which include black door mirrors and 19-inch alloy wheels in silver or black and 7mm suspension lowering. The DS5 models with the THP 200 petrol engine have the Dark Sport Signature fitted as standard while the Sport Signature comes at no extra cost for silver wheels instead of black.

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