UK petrol prices creeping back up

After several weeks of falls, new figures show that petrol prices have risen again.

A litre of petrol now costs an average of 132.18p and a litre of diesel is 137.26p, according to the AA.

Those figures are nevertheless down from the mid-April peak of 142.48p a litre but have gone up since the start of this month when they were as low as 130.81p.

Perhaps surprisingly, petrol prices in London are currently below the UK average - at 132.0p for petrol and 137.2p for diesel - and they are almost on a par with prices in the Midlands and the north of England.

The cheapest UK region is Yorkshire and Humberside, where prices are 131.6p a litre, while Northern Ireland is the most expensive location at 133.4p.

According to the AA, petrol prices could have been even lower at the start of this month if the fall in the north west European wholesale price of petrol had been entirely passed on to consumers.

Wholesale prices have now gone up again amid market speculation, the organisation added.

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