Volvo eyes self-drive vehicles

Volvo is continuing its aim to develop the world's safest cars by moving into the area of self-driving vehicles - or autonomous driving.

Ideally drivers will be able to conduct other tasks safely, such as sending a text or reading a book, while driving autonomously.

Volvo is looking to incorporate autonomous driving firstly into slow-moving queues and then into potential road trains on motorways.

Marcus Rothoff, product attribute manager, driver assistance at Volvo car corporation said."Our aim is to gain leadership in the field of autonomous driving by moving beyond concepts and pioneering technologies that will reach the customers.

"Making these features reliable enough to use on public roads is crucial to boosting customer confidence in self-driving cars."

The modern transport system already features travelling that does not require a lot of human interaction with steering, acceleration and/or braking controlled automatically - as in a plane.

Rothoff continued: "Hardly anyone thinks twice about being in an airplane that flies on autopilot. But being in a car that drives by itself while the driver reads a book is still quite a revolutionary thought for many people."

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