Audi breaks its own records with sales

Audi says it has recorded another record-breaking year, selling nearly one-and-a-half million premium cars around the globe.

Its 2012 transactions increased 11.7% on 2011, totalling worldwide sales of 1,455,100 cars.

Audi sales in the UK were also up, by 8.6%, representing another company record broken, with 123,622 cars sold to motorists here.

Its best regions for sales last year were North America and Asia, helping to beat its global annual retail target of 1.4 million cars shifted.

Audi says the total for 2012 beat the previous year.

The 152,000 extra cars sold is the second-highest yearly sales increase in the history of the company, according to Audi.

The highest sales increase was recorded in 2011 when the firm says it sold 210,000 extra cars than in 2010.

Its range of SUVs is now "a mainstay" of the company's sales offering, representing one in every four vehicles sold.

Audi says it sold a total of 110,400 cars in December 2012, a similar amount to that shifted in the previous year's final month.

December 2012's sales total represents an increase of 0.8% compared with the year before.

In every region where it does business, Audi says it sold more cars than ever before, including in Europe.

Audi AG sales and marketing board member Luca de Meo said: "We managed to buck the negative market trend and continued to grow there, extending our lead as the strongest premium brand.

"Worldwide, our new models in particular gave us an extra lift over the past year, most notably the very popular Audi Q3.

"It has helped the entire Audi SUV family become a mainstay of our success, now accounting for one-quarter of all deliveries for the first time."

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