Audi tuning in to digital radio revolution

Enjoying crystal clear radio reception will soon become standard for motorists buying most new Audi models.

Most Audis made during the 2014 model year are to benefit from the digital revolution, featuring radios able to tune in to Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB).

Traditional analogue car radios can be prone to crackly interference, causing important road traffic news or favourite tracks to be rendered inaudible.

But by signing up to the digital switchover Audi is seeking to ensure its customers enjoy clear, unwavering radio transmission quality, as well as access to more stations.

DAB radios will be fitted as standard to most Audis, from the A1 premium sub-compact hatchback up, and will be available to order from the start of next month. And from the summer Audi Centres will offer customers the chance to have digital radio adapters retro-fitted to existing models.

The only models missing out initially will be the R8 and TT, although they are to get digital radios in the future, the German car manufacturer has said.

Audi UK director Martin Sander welcomed the upgrade, saying: "Quite simply, digital radio improves the ownership experience for our customers, not only in terms of the enhanced clarity and strength of its signal, but also the breadth of station choice and the degree of detail in the information it provides."

Motorists whose cars are fitted with DAB receivers will be able to pick up - on average - an extra 20 stations on top of their FM favourites. And, if desired, the in-car systems will also display station names and the title of each track played with the name of the performing artist.

Mr Sander said Audi's premium sound systems, particularly its Bang & Olufsen and BOSE ones, would benefit from digital broadcast quality.

Digital Radio UK's chief executive officer Ford Ennals said Audi's move to make digital radio the norm in its new cars highlighted how the industry was transforming.

He said it would enable those buying a new Audi to enjoy the full range of BBC and commercial digital radio broadcasts from behind the wheel.

A recent agreement reached between the Government, the BBC and commercial radio broadcasters means digital radio coverage will have an even wider reach. Fourteen new local transmitters are set to be built across the country over the next two years, giving listeners local radio stations on DAB for the first time.

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