Free charge point for all ZOE buyers

Renault is providing yet another incentive for drivers looking to switch to electric by offering a free domestic charging point with every sale of its fully-electric cars.

The car manufacturer is preparing for the launch of its electric ZOE model on 7 June and has revealed it is joining forces with British Gas to install free Single Wall-boxes at the homes of new customers and those who have already put their name down for a ZOE.

British Gas is Renault's preferred charging partner and the French company's offer is supported by a share of the £37 million of funding the Government has set aside to encourage UK drivers to go electric. The grant will pay for three quarters of the cost of the Wall-box work and Renault is making up the rest, meaning customers can save up to £500 whether they buy a ZOE straight away or through car finance.

The deal makes Renault's electric offering more economical and easy to use for motorists and the company has already been able to drive down the on-the-road price tag of the new ZOE by £5,000 thanks to the Government's Plug-In grant. Customers can now get their hands on a ZOE for between £13,650 and £14,750, similar to the price of a diesel supermini.

The 32 amp (7kW) ZE ready Single Wall-boxes can be installed in any UK home with a GPRS signal well before the roll-out of the first ZOEs, with one box capable of fully charging a car from flat in three and a half hours. Each box comes with a 4.5m lead and even though Renault thinks 90% of all charging will be done at home, customers also have free access to its UK public charging network.

Renault is delighted with the interest British motorists have shown in the ZOE, according to its head of electric vehicle programme, Andy Heiron. He said the company was making big strides in its electric technology and the Wall-boxes and style and affordability of the new car combined to make the package an "irresistible proposition".

The ZOE is one of four models in Renault's fleet of electric vehicles. The company describes it as "stylish, affordable and practical" for owners commuting, doing the shopping or making school runs. Its NEDC range is listed as 130 miles but it will typically do 90 miles in normal driving conditions and 60 in times of cold weather.

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