Gowarranty: Device to warn drivers behaving badly

A new device is to be introduced to warn motorists when they are driving badly or putting themselves or others in danger.

The unusual in-car safety system, which is being developed by engineers at Fukuoka Institute of Technology in Japan in association with heavy goods vehicle maker UD Trucks, tells drivers when their driving has the potential to kill someone.

The so-called "safe driving promotion system" senses speed and distance from the car in front and can then issue audible warnings such as "you would die if you crashed at this speed" or "your car could burst into flames if it rolled over here".

It has been suggested that the technology could inform the driver how badly injured they could be if they crashed, or perhaps just get the point across with a phrase like "dear God you're going to kill us all!"

The system, which is still at the patent-pending stage, utilises cameras, radar, sonar and laser sensors on modern cars and can even analyse reaction times from previous journeys and calculate kinetic energy to see if you could stop in an emergency.

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