Jaguar Land Rover sales up as firm offers new jobs

Premium car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover is set to expand, generating 800 new jobs in Britain.

The decision follows a global sales boom in cars made by the Indian-owned company, headquartered in Britain, triggered by sales growth in China.

The manufacturer reports that the new roles, at its Solihull base in the West Midlands, which has been upgraded with £370 million of investments, will involve the production of new vehicles.

This will give the motor sector a much-needed boost after Japanese firm Honda announced 800 redundancies at its Swindon base, only months after hiring hundreds of additional staff.

Jaguar Land Rover revealed that more than 200 of the new vacancies in the West Midlands will be assisted by the Government's regional growth fund, which has allocated the firm £80 million.

Jaguar Land Rover, which is owned by Tata Motors, said sales worldwide had grown by 30% last year, when 357,773 cars were sold.

The firm now sells most of its vehicles in China and recorded a 70% rise in revenue in 2012.

The firm reported in 2012 that it would begin producing cars in China, following a £1 billion partnership with Chinese manufacturer Chery.

It announced that Land Rover revenue has risen by over 35% worldwide, with its most lucrative markets in China, Britain, the United States, Russia and Italy. Jaguar's revenue also rose by 6%.

Jaguar Land Rover has employed 8,000 people during the past 24 months, and currently has 25,000 staff worldwide.

The company's Solihull base has been manufacturing vehicles for more than 60 years. The Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Land Rover Defender and Discovery are produced at the 300-acre plant.

The brands were sold to Tata by Ford four years ago in a transaction worth £1.1 billion.

Trade union Unite's assistant general secretary Tony Burke said the new jobs had been created due to the group's ongoing success and development, and represented a boost to the motoring sector after the cuts at Honda.

He added: "Although the contracts are for one year, we hope that we can convert them into well-paid, permanent jobs in the future. The Evoque is a very successful export leader so there is no reason why that can't happen in the future.

"The workforce at Solihull are highly skilled and have made a massive contribution to the success of the company here in the UK."

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