Nissan's new vision of driver safety

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have eyes in the back of your head? Drivers of the new Nissan Note will find out what it is like to have 360-degree vision thanks to it's the company's new advanced Safety Shield and Around View Monitor technologies.

The Japanese car-maker has shown plenty of vision in designing its new Note car and is giving its customers a maximum amount of vision too. The normal field of view of a human is around 120-degrees but owners of the new model can now see all the way around the car while they are sat in the driving seat.

The latest Note was unveiled to the world at the Geneva Motor Show when drivers were given a first taste of how the systems can provide them with a comprehensive view of what is around them, lower the risk of accidents and help when reversing, using technology that is unrivalled in the small car market.

The Safety Shield technology combines Nissan's Blind Spot Warning, Moving Object Detection and Lane Departure Warning systems through a camera with a convex lens positioned just below the rear windscreen, allowing drivers to see obstacles they wouldn't normally be able to see when facing forwards in the driving seat. They are also alerted to any dangers around the vehicle, such as children walking behind them while the car is reversing or cars moving in blind spots.

The Note also features three more cameras, one on the front grille and two more in the door mirrors, plus the "bird's eye" Around View Monitor to help parking. Drivers are shown the 360-degree view on a 5.8-inch screen on the dashboard.

Data from research groups made Nissan think about driver vision as those that took part said being able to see what was going on around them would make them feel safer and more confident in a vehicle, according to Geraldine Ingham, chief marketing manager for small cars for Nissan in Europe.

Mr Ingham said the Safety Shield and Around View Monitor systems were developed to meet the need for driver safety and also "minimise accidental bumps and scrapes". Nissan will start to mass-produce its new Note model this summer and the first cars of the production lines could be in UK showrooms by the autumn.

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