Renaultsport Clio spec unveiled

The full spec has been revealed for the Renaultsport Clio which aims to pack a punch by satisfying both everyday road users and drivers on the track.

The new, nippy model tips the scales at just 1,204 kg, which is 36kg less than its predecessor, and this should help it zip around the roads much easier.

Drivers will also be able to switch the standard 'R.S Drive' dynamics mapping system to 'Race' mode within just 150 milliseconds.

This means that, literally within the blink of an eye, the car can go into overdrive with firmer steering, faster throttle response and a higher idle.

There are three driving modes overall to cater for all tastes or conditions, including Normal, Sport and then Race.

On the Normal setting, the steering, suspension, acceleration and engine responses have been tailored for relaxed, comfortable motoring.

Meanwhile, Sport and Race modes are designed for those want to push the car a little more to its limits.

Both of these modes allow petrolheads to get closer to the road by filtering more noise into the cabin via a Renaulsport 'Sound Pipe'.

The Race mode also disconnects stability and traction control systems and speeds up shifts from the twin-clutch gearbox - this is claimed to be the first time a sub-supercar has had a gearbox of this type that is capable of multi-ratio downshifts.

In another unusual move for road vehicles hydraulic compression stops, which are normally used in rally cars, will be present in the shock absorbers.

Despite all these added extras, the car has been designed with a view to it being as easy to control as any other Clio on the market.

To ensure a smoother ride, its torque peaks at 1,750rpm, which is maintained until close to peak power.

Drivers who want relentless acceleration will love the Clio because as peak torque falls away at 5,500rpm, peak power kicks in 500rpm later.

The vehicle can do 0-62mph in just 6.7 seconds. This a full second faster than the time for its rival Toyota GT86.

With a new 1.6 turbo engine, efficiency is one of the biggest improvements.

The new model is rated at 44.8mpg and 144g/km, which is well ahead of older versions.

Improved steering calibration and bigger front brakes are other features of the brand-new chassis.

Meanwhile, the standard kit is equally impressive, with sport seats bolstered further and a Renaultsport differential works to stave off understeer.

Prices for the vehicle haven't been revealed yet but they are expected to be announced on February 28.

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