Consumer trust predicted to improve following Vehicle Sales Code implementation


The recent implementation of the Consumer Rights Act and ADR legislation has seen the new Vehicle Sales Code being actioned for the automotive industry by Motor Codes.

Established in 2008, Motor Codes provide codes of practice to the UK automotive sector. The Vehicle Sales Code - which covers nine areas - is in place to both protect customers and to act as a guideline for dealers and traders to follow, being insistent that they will operate their businesses at optimal levels.

The Code was created following analysis which showed a significant increase in the number of enquiries from car buyers after the Consumer Rights Act and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) was introduced 12 months ago. Additional research carried out by Citizens Advice reported that since 2014, the used car market has been responsible for generating the second biggest accumulation of complaints from consumers.

Code coverage and The Consumers Right Act

The nine areas covered but the Code include the accurate and transparent advertisement of vehicles, warranty products and the presentation of used cars for sale. This means that trusted and reputable trade is encouraged and customers are able to identify with these practices.

Adhering to the Consumer Rights Act means that consumers have the legal right to reject any goods that are of unsatisfactory quality or not as described. This right is in place for up to 30 days; manufacturers also have a duty of care for a ‘reasonable’ period of time, usually a six-month warranty period.

Excellent customer service from Creditplus

The high level of customer service and support which the Vehicle Sales Code will hopefully establish are the key elements which Creditplus pride themselves on in delivering to each customer. As ethical lenders, Creditplus have a responsibility to provide not only this, but also ensuring the customer’s needs are at the forefront of the process of finding them the best car finance deal.

Thanks to the relationships Creditplus have with their expansive network of trusted and reputable dealers across the UK, each customer is only ever offered and provided with vehicles that are as ethically sourced as each and every car finance agreement they complete.

Speaking about their commitment to ethical lending and practices, Creditplus’s Managing Director Shaun Armstrong commented: “With these codes and the guiding principles set by the FCA, consumers quite rightly should now receive a transparent a fair car buying service.”

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