Creditplus celebrate 4% increase in excellent customer service reviews


Recent research into consumer buying behaviour has shown that customer reviews significantly influence purchasing decisions. This research has been proved correct by Creditplus, as they have seen a 4% increase in their five star reviews through the highly credited review platform, Trustpilot.

With a Trustpilot score of 9.2 out of 10 (Excellent), it’s clear that Creditplus is dedicated to providing a high standard of customer service and satisfaction, as well as promoting honesty and transparency to potential customers. Creditplus’s 4% year on year increase in five star reviews (based on the January to September period for 2015 and 2016) bodes well for customer relations and is in line with the company’s impressive 29% increase in online car finance applications for this year so far.

Transparency and trust

The importance of embracing transparency and developing trust between themselves and their customers is something which Crediplus fully understands. Every customer is asked to leave a review after their individual finance journey has been completed, and Creditplus pride themselves on responding to all reviews. As well as Trustpilot, customers are also encouraged to leave reviews of their experience on Creditplus’s social channels, particularly Facebook and Google+. Providing several platforms further enhances the dedicated and personal service which Creditplus provide as each customer’s opinion is valued and listened to. 

The importance of online reviews

Reviewing products or services is now common practice amongst consumers, and the UK’s common stance on congratulating or complaining about the service they receive has shifted over time due to an increasing number of online platforms made available to them.

Creditplus has recognised that this process is no different when customers are looking to purchase a car or a car finance deal. For this reason, Creditplus know that a high standard of customer service and care is vital throughout their car finance buying journey. When a potential customer takes time to read reviews, trust, transparency and service standards are demonstrated by the company. This can then translate into an increase in leads and applications, which Creditplus appears to be reaping the rewards from.

Speaking about the importance of reviews, Managing Director of Creditplus, Shaun Armstrong commented: “High customer service commitment and educating customers to their consumer rights is at the heart of our company culture. With this policy and strong consumer protection legislation, buying online is now a good and transparent service.”

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